What is Polkadot Multisig by Signet?

Polkadot Multisig by Signet is user-friendly software that helps teams and businesses use multisigs in the Polkadot ecosystem. Multisigs are generally used by organizations to hold treasury assets, pay employees or service providers, receive grants or manage an organization's on-chain identity. Polkadot Multisig is designed to be usable by a non-technical business user and enables a user to be productive and understand multisig transactions without 

Polkadot Multisig provides a friendly UI around the following activities:

- Creating multisigs

- Adding and removing signers

- Sending and receiving funds

- Creating a shared address book to remember frequently used addresses

- Connecting to and using dapps

You can use any ecosystem wallet to sign into Polkadot Multisig, including: Polkadot.js, Talisman, Subwallet, Enkrypt and more.

Signet is an enterprise-focused team at Talisman, the creators of the Talisman Wallet and Talisman Portal

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Who created Polkadot Multisig?